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THE NIGHT WALK is an opportunity to see Borneo's nocturnal bio-diversity first hand. Frogs, fireflies, lizards, phasmids, centipedes, birds, spiders, katydids, crabs and more await you! Our record number of species photographed in a single evening is 74! The jungle is accessible and cool with easy trails - we typically walk no more than 150m..

     You can do THE NIGHT WALK either as an an add-on to any of our other caving, culture and off-road products subject to availability and the weather (heavy rain isnt much fun!). We get into  the jungle at about 19:00 and spend one hour 45 minutes trying to find as many species as possible. On the way back to Kuching we stop for a meal and review all 300+ species seen since we started the walk You will be back in Kuching by about 22:30.


Transport and the walk as described.

A torch.

Supper. Please tell us about special diet requirements in advance


Alcoholic drinks.

Personal purchases en route.


Insect repellant.
Shoes that fully cover the feet.

Camera with macro if you have one


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